With so many different types of technology that can be utilized at any given time, it takes time and experience to manage and unify that technology so that it may be properly applied within the classroom.

With our Integration Services, we help you by first sitting down and setting a plan for how your technology will be implemented into the campus. Will it need to be phased in? Will students and teachers need training on how to use the technology? Will budget play a factor in how fast the entire scope of the technology can be implemented? These are some of the questions that need to be addressed before integrating new technology into an existing environment.

Secondly, with our Administrative Services we are there to remotely manage the infrastructure behind your technology. This infrastructure ranges from Windows Servers, switches, access points, active directory, web sites, Google Apps, and beyond. All of these facets of technology play key roles behind the scenes in successful technology integrations. Need user accounts added? Want to update something on your website? Certain websites that need to be blocked on a local level, or with the right tools, even with devices that are being taken home by students and staff? These things are why we are here, to assist in making your integration as simple as possible, without pulling another staff member from their important schedule to try and learn something new, or forcing a district to employ a full time technology staff for things that can be managed in more cost effective manner: remotely.