Difficulty: LOW Setup Time: SHORT
Tools Needed: EDUCATOR DEVICE, STUDENT DEVICE Website: Google Tone
Description: “Google Tone turns on your computer’s microphone (while the extension is on) and uses your computer’s speakers to exchange URLs with nearby computers connected to the Internet.” In a nutshell, Google Tone will allow you to push a link to your students device by simply clicking a button to send a sound. The teacher device must have their volume up, but when a sound is played, students will receive a notification that they click to redirect them to the website given. Google Tone is an extension that will need to be pushed out to students through the technology department, so if interested, please let them know!
Classroom Uses:

  • Stay On Task – Needing to get all of your students to a particular website? Tired of posting the link on the board for them to copy, or verbally trying to redirect students to the site? Send all of your students directly from your machine with the click of a button. Keeping them on task and ensuring they reach the destination in a timely manner.