Difficulty: LOW Setup Time: SHORT
Description: Google Cast for Education allows students to share their screen directly with the educator. Simply add the app to the educator device, add the extension to student devices (can be pushed out via tech admin), then students can reach out to educators for assistance with a few simple clicks. Educators will receive a notification on their screen showing exactly what student is wishing to share, then they have the ability to either accept or deny the request. Teachers do not have control of student devices, but are able to see their current screen.
Classroom Uses:

  • Save Educator Time – Have you ever been in a lesson where students seem to have the same question that you are answering over and over? Using Google Cast for Education, a student can share their question with the educator, who then projects it to the rest of the class. Educators are then able to work through the problem, helping multiple students at one time, instead of answering the same question again and again to individuals.
  • Student Presentations – Sometimes it is difficult for students to get connected in order to present their work. Either you have to unplug and plug in other cords or cables, share a presentation via email or drive, or have a thumb drive available for students to move their work onto the educators device. Skip these headaches and simply share the students screen, sharing the presentation at the same time. Now students can present their work from the front of the room on their device and still project their necessary information.