Category: PROJECT Audience: ALL
Difficulty: LOW Setup Time: SHORT
Description: Boomerang’s free version (Basic), allow users to set up emails that went be sent at future dates of their choosing. Users receive 10 free message credits per month that can be used with their free accounts. Simply add the app to an existing gmail account and you will be given additional send options that will allow you to specify times and dates for your email to be sent out. Paid version include additional options.
Lesson Ideas:

  • Future Self – Have students create an email that is to their future self. Include different things such as who is the current president, what are hot button topics in the world, fashion, personal interests, etc… Have students set to send this email to themselves at a future point in time where they can compare and contrast events, fashion changes, and interests with their past selves.
  • Project Compilation – Working through projects where students are needing to remind themselves of ideas? Have them create a quick email that sends to them with information gathered at the date they will be compiling their findings!
  • Reminders – As an educator, you may want to send information to students on a particular day as a reminder for what is due that day or perhaps what phase of a project you are in. Create emails in advance, set a date and time you would like to send.