There are many resources out there designed especially for education where schools can get more “bang for their buck” as the old adage goes. It all boils down to finding the right resources that will fit the visions and goals set forth for your school. Where do you currently stand with your technology, and where do you want to go? Those are two important questions to ask yourself when assessing your upgrade needs and options. Knowing what route to take can be tricky, and that’s where we step in.

A Campus Assessment is designed as an on-site assessment of what is currently in place, as well as what possibilities are out there to improve and enhance student engagement and learning. We understand that school budgets can call for the need of technology that is not only practical in the classroom, but cost effective as well. The goal will be to determine what the best route is for your school, and tailor that route to get as close to budget as possible. Not only will the budget for that year have to fit the technology coming in, or upgrading, but also have to be sustainable in the long term.

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